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Parents must ensure that their children wear the full and correct school uniform as decided on by the School Governing Body.

The school uniform is to be worn at all school functions, unless otherwise notified.

All articles of the school uniform must be clearly marked.

No jewellery or any other form of visible adornment may be worn.  Exceptions are a wrist-watch, Medic Alert and badges issued by the school.

Girls may wear earrings in the form of small matching gold or silver studs.  Only two earrings may be worn, one in each ear and these may only be worn in the ear-lobe itself.  If the ear-lobe has more than one pierced hole, the stud may only be worn in the bottom most hole.

Boys may not wear earrings or bangles.

Boys’ hair is to be reasonably short, neat and not attract undue attention.  The level of fringe must be above the eyebrows and hair must be clear of the collar and ears.  No trend-setting hairstyles are allowed.  It must be kept neat and clean at all times.  No hair gel or mousse is allowed.

Girls’ hair must be clipped away from the face and hair of shoulder length or longer must be tied back.  Bottle-green ribbons and/or elastics (may be brown) must be worn.  Alice bands must either be bottle-green or dark brown in colour.

No highlights or colour may be put into girls’ or boys’ hair.  No dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes of girls is allowed.

All first time enrollees will be expected to purchase the official school satchel (green with school badge). 

All current pupils will be expected to purchase the official school satchel (green with school badge) as soon as the present bag is due for replacing.  No graffiti will be allowed on bags.

The regulation green school kit bag should be used for sports togs.

Herbert Hurd School Uniform 2
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Requirements for girls' uniforms include:

Brown  shoes, school type : lace-up or strap (Velcro strap allowed);


  • White ankle socks for summer.;

  • Grey socks with two green stripes during winter (May to September)';

  • Grey tights during winter terms (optional) (May to September);

Regulation gym : minimum length is 12cm from the floor when kneeling;

Regulation blazer: (optional during summer terms) – compulsory with winter uniform (May to September);

Panties: green to match gym;

White short-sleeved shirt with buttons to neck so that it may be worn during summer and buttoned when wearing school tie and blazer in the second and third terms when blazers are compulsory;

School tie to be worn during winter terms (May to September);

Cardigans or V-neck jersey (long sleeve or sleeveless) must be dark green to match blazer;

Golf shirts - available from school uniform shop;

Tracksuits – available from school uniform shop and stockists and

Green skorts for all sport and Phys. Ed with HHPS embroidered on.

Girls' Uniforms
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Requirements for boys' uniforms include:

School cap to be worn to and from school;

White short-sleeved shirt with embroidered school badge on pocket;

School tie to be worn during winter terms (May to September);

Grey shorts (grey or brown belt to be worn if pants have belt loops);

Grey flannels (optional during winter terms, May to September {grey or brown belts are to be worn if pants have belt loops);

Grey socks with two green stripes – garters to be worn;

Brown lace-up shoes, plain, sturdy type;

Regulation blazer – optional during summer terms.  Blazers are compulsory with winter uniform (May to September);

Pullovers to have V-neck (long sleeve or sleeveless) and to be dark green to match blazer.  No badge on jersey;

Golf shirts – available from school only;

Tracksuits – available from school and the stockists and

Green shorts for Phys. Ed. with HHPS embroidered on.

Boys' Uniforms
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Blazers are not compulsory during the first and fourth terms.

The winter uniform is only worn as from the first Monday in the month of May until the end of the third school term in September.

Jerseys may not be worn without a blazer before or after school.

Tracksuits may not be worn as part of the uniform during the school morning.

Only vests or plain white T-shirts, without any inscriptions, may be worn under the official white school shirt.  The collar of the T-shirt may not be visible.

Grades 1, 2 & 3 are allowed to wear their tracksuits to school on the designated day that they have Phys.Ed.


The school uniform is the “window” of our school. It is the responsibility of every young Hurdian to be a good ambassador of Herbert Hurd.

Take Note


Attire for sport and cultural activities include:

Tennis, Squash and Ball Skills -green shorts (boys); green skorts (girls);  predominantly white tackies; predominantly white socks, HHPS tracksuit, HHPS white all-purpose Golf shirt.  The green skort is worn by the girls for matches.;

Cricket - white shorts; short-sleeved school shirt with badge on pocket;   white all purpose Golf shirt;  green cricket socks – grey school socks can be worn to practice;  predominantly white tackies;  HHPS tracksuit;

Rugby -white shorts;  green rugby jersey;  HHPS tracksuit;  tackies to be worn to matches and practices;  practice jersey may be worn for training;

Physical Education - green shorts / skorts;  white all purpose golf shirt or house coloured shirt; green HHPS costume (see swimming);  predominantly white tackies;

Hockey - green shorts / skorts; green socks, boots or tackies;  HHPS tracksuit, HHPS white all-purpose Golf shirt.  Teams – regulation hockey shirt;

Swimming - school costume;  Speedo for girls and boys;  (boys may wear green boxer –type costume for Phys Ed only), swimming cap (compulsory for girls);  HHPS tracksuit;  tackies or regulation school slip slops, HHPS swimming cap for galas;

Netball - white all-purpose golf shirt, green skorts, white socks, predominantly white tackies and

All cultural activities - Full school uniform when competing but HHPS general sportswear when practising.

Dress for sport and culutral activities
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