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Herbert Hurd Fyvie Concert and Award Ceremony 2023
Herbert Hurd Primary School emblem with dark background



  • No learner is allowed to leave the school grounds without the permission from the principal.

  • No learner may use the main front entrance of the building. Learners are to stay out of the Administration Block unless they urgently need to see the secretary.

  • No learners may sit outside on the pavement, while waiting for transport.

  • Learners may not run inside the school buildings.  They must walk silently and in single file in the corridors.  The “Keep Left” rule applies.

  • Learners must stand up when visitors enter the classroom.

  • Learners  are expected to greet teachers or any visitors to the school : “Good Morning, Ma’am”  (ladies)  and  “Good Morning, Sir”  (gentlemen)

  • Learners are expected to keep their classrooms and school grounds tidy at all times – no littering is allowed.

  • Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or any similar mode of transport, may not be ridden in the school grounds – bicycles must be pushed to the bicycle shed.

  • Toys/valuables etc. are not permitted at school.

  • Learners may not speak before, during or after assemblies in the hall.

  • Learners may not be in the classrooms during breaks, before school or after school unless in the company of a teacher.


Herbert Hurd Primary School Assembly with Hennie le Roux


  • Learners may only cross the roads at the pedestrian crossings.

  • Boys are expected to dof their caps when greeting people or thanking drivers of cars for stopping at robots or pedestrian crossings.

  • No bad language will be tolerated.

  • Writing on walls or any other school property is forbidden.

  • Fighting or bullying is not allowed – all guilty parties will be exposed to restorative  correcton.

  • Theft of any description will be treated as an extremely serious offence.

  • No rough games are to be played at break.

  • No ball games are allowed inside or in close proximity to the school buildings.

  • No jewellery may be worn – excluding watches, medic alert bracelets and earring studs for girls only.

  • Any behaviour which could bring discredit to our school is not permitted under any circumstances.

  • No article that can be classified as dangerous, may be brought on to the school premises.

  • No cellular phones or similar electronic equipment / accessories may be brought on to the school premises. If learners are in possession of cellular phones, these should be handed in at the office before school. The phones can be collected after school. A parent / guardian will have to collect a cellular phone that has been confiscated during school hours, at the office after school hours.

  • Remember :  Our school is often judged on the appearance and behaviour of each and every pupil.

Learner Expectations
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